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Who are we!

Extended arm for finding right talents..

ScaleOrg is a human resource consulting firm founded by highly qualified and experienced professionals with various domain backgrounds. We have competency to understand the complex requirements of our valuable Clientele and fulfill with the appropriate resource.
ScaleOrg was established in 2012 at Bangalore, Chennai and Trichy, thus to closely co-ordinate with client team to fulfill their requirements with min TAT.
The demand for skilled resources is always on the rise and Scaleorg aims to bridge the gap between the specific demands of the Clientele on one hand and the scarce supply of key professionals on the other hand.
As we are non-believers of ad-hoc solutions, we persistently monitor the clientele needs in a proactive manner and keep the resources accordingly.
We fulfill IT, ITES and Non-IT clientele requirement from middle to senior levels.

Why ScaleOrg?

We at ScaleOrg make an in-depth study of our Clientele requirements with a primary focus on our client's businesses and understanding the business culture before the actual selection process.
As we are work as extended arm for our client we strictly adhere our client’s requirement policy and follow the agreement we have entered. We never pouch candidates from our clientele company and would not work for our clientele competitor company, we follow our commitment without any compromise.
With a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of industry trends and work culture, backed by dependable resources, we are competent and efficient in placing the right people to help clientele improve their performance in their core.
Over the years we have built a comprehensive database of resources to fit every need, and the selection is done by short listing the candidates primarily from our database, Screening them, running background checks, inspecting all valid references and finally presenting list of candidates who meet requirements, to the clientele with minimum turn around time.
Our client base has steadily increased as well. Our search and selection criteria have earned us accolades from our customers who have come back to us for repeat business.

Our Team

We have an enthusiastic well experienced team of recruiters, Head hunters separately for each different industry to understand the need of the client, identify , reach the qualified talents and close the positions.
Our team is constantly striving to update their knowledge in terms of new technologies, alternative technologies, sourcing strategies, recruitment innovations and social media hiring concepts. We are capable to understand job description in detail to ensure clientele expectations better.
The consultants in our team cheerfully partner with our clients and specialized in identifying, reaching, persuading, scheduling interviews, Negotiating and placing the best resource with the highest level of satisfactory for client as well as candidates. The combined use of investigative market research, focused networking and the seniority of the consultant, enable us in offering the best services. Our team closely, effectively works with clientele till the position have closed.

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